Questions fréquentes

  1. Are all the products on the Website in stock ?
    We strive to attain the best possible stock management. All the products displayed as being in stock on the Website are therefore available. Nevertheless, we still may come across missing items. In this case, you will be informed immediately and an alternative will be proposed.
  2. Can I cancel my online order ?
    A validated and payed order cannot be changed/cancelled.
  3. Can I come to your workshop in order to add online-ordered accessories from SBYBIKES.COM to my bicycle ?
    Yes, you certainly can. You have the possibility to leave your bike in our workshop so that we can carry out the requested work. Only the labour costs will therefore be charged.
  4. Is it possible to order a gift voucher online ?
    Yes, by clicking on the subtopic “accessories”, you will see a product tab called “Gift Voucher”. You can either receive the voucher by email and print it out yourself (no delivery costs) or it may be delivered like any other product. In this case, you will receive the voucher in an original wrapping with reference to the cycling world...

  5. I have a promotional code but I forgot to validate it before confirming my order, what can I do ?
    Unfortunately, it is impossible to turn back... However, your promo code stays usable and can be applied for a next order.